First let me apologize for the lengh, I don’t use the short version to say anything. Let me go back to a week ago. On St. Pat’s Day, I was working long hours outside. In dire need of a good meal and a warm up. I knew where to get a good Rueben Sandwitch and a bowl of soup. I was not disappointed. Tomato Basil ( one of my two favorites ) was the soup that day. I was thinking of both were exactly what I had been craving, when the server came to me to mention that some silent stranger picked up my tab. Now I’ve thought on this; and I think I know what transpired. Reguardless, I was so satisfied that day I knew I needed to let the people know who were involved. First let me say that I’ve been coming to your restaurant for well over 25 years. I concider it my second kitchen. In all my meal i’ve rarely been disappointed. I mean almost never. I concider myself a fair cook, and enjoy what I make. Still I crave Donatellis standard red sauce often. I am justified in saying that on any given day I could close my eyes and point at the menu and be happy with what comes out of the kitchen. I’m a great fan of the regular menu options. And I’m impressed by inovation of most of the daily specials. I have family and friends that visit me from around the country. Everyone looks forward to coming to Donatellis. I personally have always been amazed at how the people that come to work there, stay there for a long time. I can only assume it’s a good place to work. My sister spent most of her career in the restaurant industry. She’s impressed by the way empty dishes are quickly removed and by any of your staff that passes by. This comment is not derived from a free meal, everything i’ve said is sincere. I tell anyone who’ll listen about your place. And although I try to give positive comments when I’m there. I wanted to send in a more formal and comprehensive critique. Thanks alot, and I’ll keep showing up as long as you’ll have me.

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