Miles Jefferis

I would like to thank you and your staff, from the father of the bride point of view, for the great work that you did at my daughter’s wedding in Dodge Center on July 18th. When we first started the budgeting process for this wedding, we identified every known area of expense, from high to low. Obviously the catering was high on that list. I wanted my daughter to offer a quality meal at her wedding, but I did not believe we had to pay a lot to have that. We looked at a number of caterers that offered good food at, what I thought, were good economical buys. We thought we had made our selection when my wife, daughter and future son-in-law visited you and tasted your food. They loved your food, but what got me thinking was the level of service that you promised. We were hosting a wedding in rural, south central Minnesota. I needed to be confident that the caterer would be there on time, run their portion of the reception flawless and provide great service along with great food. I wanted our guests to feel like they were at a restaurant, not just in a food line. At that point I decided that we should make our decision on who offered the best “value,” not necessarily the lowest cost. That’s why we signed on with Donatelli’s, because you convinced my wife that you had things covered. That communicated value to me. Your price was reasonable, but not the cheapest. That’s ok, value should never be the cheapest. It can’t be.

Let me tell you, you and your staff exceeded our expectations. I spoke with you for about a minute before the reception started to get aligned on how things would flow. After I welcomed our guests and said a prayer over the meal, I handed you the mic to give our guests the instructions. It wasn’t a cold, “do this,” set of orders. You were warm and personable with our guests. Your personality fit in like we had rehearsed this together. From there, the tables were released one by one to get in one of the two lines that were set up. You promised everyone that they would all get through in a very timely manner and they all did. I didn’t think you would be able to keep that promise but you did. Your friendly staff cleared the plates quickly when everyone was finished and you brought ample food for our very hungry guests could go back for seconds, whey they did. I think some of the groomsmen may have gone back three times. After everyone was finished, your staff quickly cleaned up and you all quietly exited without any disturbance to the wedding whatsoever.

Thanks to you and your staff for playing such a key role in making my little girl’s dream wedding become a reality. I also want to thank you for giving my wife a great sense of peace. She never worried about the food or your service. That meant the world to me as I wanted this to be a dream wedding for her as well. I wish I could have realized from the beginning how important the total service and “value” of the wedding caterer really is to the success of the wedding. Please feel free to use my wife and me as a reference. We can save other families a lot of time in selecting the right caterer.

Miles Jefferis

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